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Water Polo Swimming Sports 3D

4.0 ( 8880 ratings )
게임 시뮬레이션 스포츠
개발자: Natalya Staritsyna
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Join the swimming ball team game contest, collect all medals and have fun! Start your virtual athlete career right now with Water Polo Swimming Sports 3D!

Feel like a real professional athlete! Choose the country, choose a sportsman – and start amazing summer sports adventure! You can play as a real athlete or can choose any country you wish. Hungary, USA, Spain, South Korea, Netherlands, even Russia – your players could be citizens of any state!

Swim faster than you ever imagine and throw the ball right into the target - the goal - to earn the victory point! Control your team by tapping the screen and tap quickly to accelerate, change the direction or slower your movement! But don’t be scared of failing – try again until your sportsman gets to the top!

Unlock new teammates and tournaments – you can even send your water polo team to the World Championship when to collect enough experience. Don’t forget to improve your gear and skills – earn more points and spend it to leveling up!

Have you ever dream of the fame of world-famous athlete at water sports? Defeat other athletes and climb the ranks to become the ultimate champion! Do your best in different athletic events and have fun with Water Polo Swimming Sports 3D!

Water Polo Swimming Sports 3D features:
Watersports team game simulator
Wide range of countries and athletes to choose
Realistic physics
Easy and intuitive controls